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Join the discussion through a month-long series of events and podcasts hosted by Zwift

Zwift, the online training platform for cyclists, runners and triathletes worldwide, is recognizing Women’s History Month with a Women’s Ride + Run Series throughout March featuring events, challenges, panels and podcasts.

Sport is a powerful platform to empower women and girls and the bike having played an important role in delivering increased freedoms for women with increased mobility. Zwift is celebrating the strides taken for women’s sport equality while recognizing and promoting further gains to be had. Throughout March, Zwift is calling on the community to celebrate, connect and engage in an effort to raise awareness for gender equality in sport.

“Women’s History Month on Zwift presents a great opportunity to come together and celebrate the women’s community on Zwift,” says Sarah True, Professional Triathlete and host of the Zwift PowerUp Tri podcast. “ In addition to the group rides and runs, we have some fantastic guests lined up for our podcasts in March. We’ve come so far for equality in sport, there is more work to do but this series is a chance to stop and celebrate the achievements of women in sport around the world.”

Sweat together with regular group rides and runs with some led by female athletes across cycling, triathlon and run as well as community leaders. Group events will be accessible to riders of all levels, and a perfect opportunity to introduce new members to the community.

The cycling apparel company, No Gods No Masters (NGNM) joins Women’s History Month on Zwift as the official apparel partner. NGNM and Zwift share the belief that sport has the power to help women break barriers and achieve new goals. All participants in Women’s History Month events will have the opportunity to wear and unlock the official kit in game. NGNM will also be selling a limited edition NGNM x Zwift Women’s Ride + Run Series Cycling Kit and Run Tank Top. Cyclists can test themselves with the NGNM Ven-top Challenge on 28th March, a partnership with the cycling apparel company, to bring an opportunity to climb the notorious ascent with the women in the Zwift community.

Zwift is proud to support the Women’s Sport Foundation, which exists to enable girls and women to reach their potential in sport and life. Founded by Billie Jean King in 1974, WSF is building a future where every girl and woman can #KeepPlaying and unlock the lifelong benefits of sport participation. All girls. All women. All sports.®

On March 18, tune into the Women’s Ride and Run Series Live Panel. From training as a woman, to motivation, to getting the most out of Zwift, and everything in between, tune into the live panel featuring exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims, 3x Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong, Sports Nutritionist Gemma Sampson, and Olympic Gold Medallist Gwen Jorgensen.

Throughout March there will also be a series of Zwift PowerUp podcasts focusing on women in sport, their experiences, advice, equality in sport and training practices. Guests include Ayesha McGowan, Sika Henry, Malindi Elmore and Veronica Ivy.

For more information and to sign up visit the website here: zwift.com/wrrs

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About Zwift

Zwift is the fitness company born from gaming. We’re dedicated fitness enthusiasts, experienced video game developers, and disruptive thinkers. Play is in our DNA and we know fun fuels results.

Zwift utilizes massively multiplayer online gaming technology to create rich, 3D worlds ripe for exploration. Join thousands of cyclists and runners in immersive playgrounds like London, New York, and Paris as well as our very own Watopia.

Our app connects wirelessly to exercise equipment: bike trainers, treadmills, and more, so your real world effort powers your avatar in the game.

From friendly races to social rides and structured training programs, Zwift unites a diverse community in pursuit of a more fun, immersive and social fitness experience.

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