The Grade


The new climb will give Zwifters an alternative to the dreaded FTP test

Zwifters can soon enjoy the newest roads in Watopia following Watopia’s latest expansion as The Grade is scheduled to roll out to Zwifters between June 11th and June 13th. Located on the west side of Watopia’s Southern Coast, this new expansion will allow Zwifters to climb the colourful streets of Ciudad de La Cumbre via The Grade to the backside of the Epic KOM.

The Grade has been designed to offer a true climbing challenge and this is soon evidenced as you approach the base of the climb. The first section heads straight up with no bend or respite until the mid-way point. This is the steepest segment of the climb and it’s just rider versus gravity with some roaming wildlife to encourage you to the top and a tram to chase if you’re feeling good. Made it to the top of the first segment? Congratulations, the hardest part is done! From here, you have a choice, turn at the crossing and head back down to the coast, or keep on climbing to the top. From this point, the road begins to twist and turn as the road makes its way to the backside of the Epic KOM.

The Grade is a true test in more ways than one. Zwifters completing The Grade will in fact be graded at the top of the climb with their calculated FTP (Functional Threshold Power) displayed as they cross the line.

Traditionally FTP tests have daunting workouts and therefore dreaded by many cyclists. The Grade aims to provide an easier and more accessible way to calculate this number by building a test into the natural terrain of Watopia’s Southern Coast. To aid pacing, Zwifters will see their average watts displayed on screen as they make their wat up the climb. In addition, the climb is broken into 10 segments, with each segment time visible on a unique HUD - similar to that on Alpe du Zwift.

The new test has been created using data collected from over 700,000 FTP tests conducted on Zwift. Analysing this data alongside the matching critical power curve has allowed Zwift to create a system capable of calculating FTP on any completion time over 8 minutes. If a new PR is set, Zwifters will see their new FTP pop up in digital signage on the road, confetti appear and an FTP notification at the end of the activity. Zwifters will always see their score at the top of the climb but only new PR’s will set a new FTP.

With this new expansion, Zwifters will have 8 new free-ride routes to start collecting. Zwifters aiming to collect all the new route badges can add them to My List, ready for the next time they log in to ride.

The 8 New Free Ride routes:

Oh Hill No, 7.8km with 306m elevation - the most direct pathway to The Grade

Coastal Crown Loop, 15km with 185m

Glyph Heights, 25km with 537m

Mayan Mash, 34km with 755m 

Tide and Temples, 36km with 459m

Peak Performance, 45km with 725m 

Snowman, 44km with 577m

Elevation Evaluation, 24km with 396m

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Zwifters will be able to explore the new roads as soon as their game is updated to version 1.67 which begins to roll out from June 11. There will be no restrictions during the events scheduled on the Watopia Climb Expansion including the Monthly Mission or during club events. In order to utilise Freeride or Meetups, the Watopia Climb Expansion routes will be level-locked for users over level 10.

More information on Zwift’s latest expansion, The Grade can be found at

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