Zwift Release 1.54 & Upcoming Events

Here is what you can expect in the upcoming release and what events are on the horizon. The release is expected to go live Tuesday, December 5th at approximately 16:00 UTC. This release will be a rolling release, meaning we will scale up the percentage of people with the release over a few days to minimize bugs or crashes. Below you will find the updates included in this release.

THIS INFORMATION UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL December 5th, 16:00 UTC / 11:00 AM EST / 9:00 AM MST / 8:00 AM PST.


  • Cycling levels have been increased from 60 to 100 with new unlockable rewards along the way, and all levels have been rebalanced to make sure your next level is always on the horizon. Learn more here!
  • The Drop Shop has been updated with changes to pricing and unlock criteria to better tie equipment performance to the level they are unlocked.
  • Introducing Ride Streaks! By riding at least once per week (Monday - Sunday), you'll increase your ride streak counter and earn bonus XP for your first two rides of each week. You’ll see this showcased in a new Ride Streak experience after you finish an activity. Rides must be at minimum 2 km in length to qualify towards your weekly streak.
  • The Climb Portal now supports climb elevation scaling - now Zwifters can reduce the climb segment’s elevation to 50% and 75%, and for those hardcore mountain goats, a 125% elevation increase!
  • Added route intersection options when opting to freeride after completing Repack Rush.
  • Updated rider lean visual to be more realistic.
  • Fixed an issue on Repack Rush where the Restart button was hidden when the HUD was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where cyclists with steering devices could steer off of the road in several locations throughout Watopia.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some rivers to dry up in London and Makuri Islands. 
  • Fixed an issue where grass was missing in some locations in Makuri Islands.
  • Zwift Hub: For Zwifters with virtual shifting enabled, free ride blocks within Zwift Academy workouts now start at the default gear 12.


Check out the details for events that are coming up in the next month. All events are available to be covered in marketing promotions beginning the date of registration or first in-market date.

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Climb Portal

Details: We have the new schedule available for November. You will continue to find the climbs that will be available for two week in the schedule below. We will now have one portal with a "Climb of the Month" and one portal with a rotating number of climbs to choose from.

Climb Portal Free Ride Schedule:

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Monthly Mission: End of Year Epic

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Mission: Ride 226.8 miles / 365km throughout the month of December

Registration Launch: November 27 @ 16:00 UTC

Campaign Start: December 4 @ 16:00 UTC

Campaign End: January 1 , 2024 @ 00:59 UTC

Recommended Activity: Check out Rapha Festive 500. Details coming in next release.

zRacing December: Best Of zRacing

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  • jpg
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Zwift Ride Series: Rewind

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Theme: Rewind

We are highlighting the biggest and best rides of 2023. Complete all 4 stages to pick up the “Rewind” badge plus some historical rewards too!

Registration Start: November 27 @ 14:00 UTC

Campaign Start: December 4 @ 14:00 UTC

Campaign End: January 1, 2024 @ 08:59 UTC


Stage 1 - December 4 @ 15:05 UTC - December 11 @ 05:05 UTC

Stage 2 - December 11 @ 06:05 UTC -  December 18 @ 05:05 UTC

Stage 3 - December 18 @ 06:05 UTC - December 25 @ 05:05 UTC

Stage 4 - December 25 @ 06:05 UTC - January 1 @ 6:05 UTC

About Zwift

Zwift is the fitness company born from gaming. We’re dedicated fitness enthusiasts, experienced video game developers, and disruptive thinkers. Play is in our DNA and we know fun fuels results.

Zwift utilizes massively multiplayer online gaming technology to create rich, 3D worlds ripe for exploration. Join thousands of cyclists and runners in immersive playgrounds like London, New York, and Paris as well as our very own Watopia.

Our app connects wirelessly to exercise equipment: bike trainers, treadmills, and more, so your real world effort powers your avatar in the game.

From friendly races to social rides and structured training programs, Zwift unites a diverse community in pursuit of a more fun, immersive and social fitness experience.

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