Earn More Rewards Than Ever Before With New Zwift Features!

New unlocks, new events, new ways to ride, and many more new features are coming to Zwift between now and March!

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As cyclists all over the world prepare for a holiday season filled with family, fun – and gifts – Zwift is pleased to announce a number of new features and events that will launch between now and March. All new features are designed to enhance the Zwift experience and reward cyclists with more unlocks, drops, badges, and more! 

Leading the new features is a new level structure that gives Zwifters more opportunities to unlock bikes, jerseys, and accessories. Instead of only 60 levels, Zwifters will now be able to ride all the way to level 100, with unlocks at each level along the way. To complement this new level structure, the new Ride Streaks feature is designed to motivate cyclists to ride more consistently, gaining levels and XP along the way. 

Zwifters will want to mark their calendars for March’s Zwift Games, this season’s marquee event. This new competition will be the largest and most inclusive Cycling Esports event ever. Every Zwifter is invited to join in the fun and see how they compare to other cyclists. 

Keep reading to learn more about all the features and events coming to Zwift and all the rewards you can earn! 

New Features for This Season On Zwift (December 2023 through March 2024):

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>> New Level Structure << 

Roll out begins Dec. 5

We’ve completely redesigned our cycling levels so that Zwifters can move up the ranks faster and ride all the way to level 100 instead of stopping at level 60. The number of XP needed to progress at each level has been reduced so that Zwifters can progress through the game faster. 

At each level, Zwifters will be rewarded with a new jersey, bike, or accessory to unlock. 

Already at level 60? Zwifters currently at level 60 will still get to enjoy progressing through the levels, earning unlocks along the way, but will move up the ranks faster. 

Please see slide 7 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Ride Streaks <<

Roll out begins Dec. 5

There’s nothing as motivating as an exercise streak, and now Zwift will reward Zwifters for consistent riding. Ride two or more times in a week, and Zwifters will get an extra bump in Experience Points (XP) to level up faster.

How many extra points can Zwifters earn? For each of the first two Zwift rides of the first week of a streak, Zwifters will earn 300 XP. In the second week, Zwifters will earn an additional 100 XP per ride for a total of 400 XP per ride. In week three, an extra 200 XP is available (500 total) for the first two rides. Keep the streak going beyond week three, and Zwifters will continue to earn 500 XP for every ride for as long as you can keep it going!

Your streak can be as long as you want—commit to your fitness, and you’ll be rewarded with faster progress through Zwift’s 100 levels!

Please see slide 8 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Climb Portal Updates <<

Roll out begins Dec. 5

Since launching in July, Climb Portal has become one of Zwift’s most popular features, challenging cyclists to tackle virtual versions of real-world climbs and conferring a sense of accomplishment at each summit. Zwifters can now choose from different versions of the climbs—a GPS-accurate 100% version, a monumental 125% version, or easier 50% and 75% versions. Try all four versions for the ultimate climbing challenge! 

Each version of the climb will have its own leaderboard and will show Zwifters what percentile of climbers they’re in—providing motivation to try the climbs multiple times. Use a HoloReplay to push harder, and Zwifters will be rewarded with progress up the leaderboard.

Zwift will continue to offer a Climb of the Month in the France Climb Portal and a rotating selection of climbs in the Watopia Portal. You can see a schedule of climbs here.   


Please see slide 9 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

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>> Play Beta Continues <<

Play in Zwift this winter! 

The Zwift Play Beta experience continues with new test events this winter, and any Zwifter with the right hardware can join to help improve the gamified racing experience! Joining these events gives Zwifters a chance to test the different ways Zwift can integrate steering, braking, and new kinds of Power Ups and hazards into gamified racing and other events—Zwifters who participate will help to make Zwift the most fun it can be!  

This winter’s tests will build on lessons learned in the fall and helpdetermine future versions of gamification on Zwift. Any Zwifter with a Zwift Play handlebar controller or other compatible steering device can participate. Watch your Zwift home screen for information on how to participate!  

Please see slide 11 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Companion App Update: Ride and Route Queuing << 

Coming in January

With this new update to the Zwift Companion app, it’s never been easier to plan your Zwift rides and workouts. Once live, this update will let Zwifters browse workouts and routes in the companion app and select the ones you want to do. Then, selections will be queued up on the Zwift home screen—no more searching through content options when it’s time to ride! 

Please see slide 12 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Avatars Get a New Look! <<

Coming in February! 

Zwift avatars’ faces will be getting a whole new appearance in February. Our avatars haven’t been refreshed in a long time, and this change will give avatars a fresh new look. 

Please see slide 13 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Choose Any Avatar <<

Coming this Winter!

With Avatar Choice, you’ll be able to choose between all of Zwift’s available avatar types. Zwifters will no longer only see the avatars that correlate to the gender selected in your profile. Instead, cyclists can choose any avatar. 

While we’re excited to let Zwifters choose any avatar they’d like, event categories will still match the gender of the rider’s profile for social events and racing, no matter which avatar is selected. Male profiles will only be able to enter male and open events. Female profiles will be able to enter female and open events, even if a woman chooses a male-presenting avatar.

Please see slide 14 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Apple Watch Becomes a Heart Rate Monitor <<

Coming this Winter

The best heart rate monitor is the one you’re already wearing, so we’re adding Apple Watch heart rate compatibility to Zwift, making life easier for any Zwifter who already owns an Apple Watch. Pair Watch in the Zwift Companion app, as with any other heart rate monitor, and track your heart rate on-screen as you ride and run. 

Please see slide 15 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

New Content for This Season On Zwift (December 2023 through March 2024)

>> Zwift Games <<

Join the Games from February to March! 

Zwift is transforming cycling esports with the Zwift Games. This new event will be the largest event of its kind and is designed to give any member of the community a chance to enjoy fun and challenging racing. Elite racers can qualify to compete in championships events! 

Community Racing: The Zwift Games will be Zwift's biggest-ever community racing tour, featuring three Sprint stages, an Epic stage for endurance riders, and a Climb stage for the mountain goats. Zwifters can challenge themselves by completing all five races as a stage race, or pick and choose their preferred stages throughout the month of March.

With a number of specially designed new routes and some awesome Zwift Games unlocks available, there’s truly something for everyone.

Events will be available at multiple times every day throughout March, for all categories.

Elite Racing: During the first three weekends in March, the world's best male and female Zwifters will take on the same courses as the community in a bid to be crowned the Zwift Games Elite Sprint, Epic, and Climb champions. The best performing female and male athlete across all three events will also earn the ultimate accolade of becoming the inaugural Zwift Games All Round Champion. The eight champions will earn a share of Zwift’s biggest ever prize purse and each unlock one of Zwift's most recognisable icons, resplendent in gold.

All championship racers will be subject to pre- and post-race performance verification and all races will be broadcast all around the world.

Information on how any top level Zwifter can qualify for the elite championships will be shared by the 15th of December.

Please see slide 17 and 18 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> zFondo <<


The Zwift Fondo Series’s seventh season has an exciting new twist! Starting this fall, we’ve brought back the Bambino, Medio, and Gran Fondo distances—giving more Zwifters a chance to complete the Fondo. Each month offers its own theme and its own kit to unlock.

The first fondo is complete, but there are two more chances to join the fun! 

From November 2023 through January 2024 we will offer three fondos: 

The Feast Fondos - Nov. 30th - Dec. 3rd (Completed)

Feast (46.9 km) - Casse Pattes

Savory (63.1 km) - Tire Bouchon

Gourmet (91.25 km) - France Classic Fondo

The Holiday Fondos - Dec. 29th - Dec. 31st 

Festive (51.1 km) - The Big Ring

Spark (69.9 km) - Big Foot Hills

Jolly (94.2 km) - 2022 Gran Fondo

The New Year’s Fondos - Jan. 26th -Jan. 28th

Elevate (54.1 km) - Eastern Eight

Rise (72.7 km) - The Pretzel

Triumph (97.7 km) - Gran Fondo

Please see slide 19 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Rapha Festive 500 <<


Join the annual Festive 500 challenge and complete 500 kilometers between Christmas and New Year's! Both Zwift and outdoor rides count toward your total, so tick off the kilometers. Complete one Festive 500 event on Zwift and you can earn an event badge and Festive 500 kit!   

Please see slide 20 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Fitness Jumpstart with Coach Kristin <<

January - February

Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong is busy. She’s a successful coach, entrepreneur, and a mom who needs to be efficient when working out. Her new training series is approachable, efficient, effective, and fun—perfect for any busy cyclist and a great way to start the new year with a commitment to your fitness. 

Starting in January, the eight-week Fitness Jumpstart with Coach Kristin invites all Zwifters to start the New Year right. Program workouts are available on-demand and live to fit any schedule. Kristen will lead select sessions. Each week of the program is designed around helping riders learn about a specific aspect of training. 

Plus, you can stay motivated, make friends, and ask questions in the Zwift Women’s Training Club group chat on the Zwift Companion App. 

Please see slide 21 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> Tour de Zwift and Rebel Routes <<

Start the tour in January

Ride routes that are inaccessible most of the year during one of the year’s largest Zwift events, the Tour de Zwift, and earn route badges that are not otherwise available! 

This year, Zwifters who complete stages or the whole tour will also unlock a new in-game kit—including Zwift’s first-ever bucket hat! Zwifters can also buy a matching real-world kit from Le Col! 

Please see slide 22 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> l’Etape du Tour <<

Start Training in February

Every year, L’Etape du Tour de France hosts and organizes the biggest amateur Gran Fondo in the world on one stage of the Tour de France. As an official partner of L’Etape du Tour de France this year, Zwift is bringing all the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement of the world’s hardest amateur race into Zwift. 

Starting in February, there will be monthly two-stage Fondos over weekends in February, March, April, and July. Zwift will also introduce an eight-week training program for the L’Etape du Tour and add some of the famous climbs from the route to Zwift’s Climb Portal. These climbs are a great way to prepare for this challenging one-day cycling event or just get ready for a summer of tackling the most challenging climbs in your local area. 

Please see slide 23 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

>> New March Event <<

Join in March!

In March, Zwift will reveal an all-new event and introduce a new way to earn rewards! Look for more information in February, and get ready to take a spin to earn Zwift rewards in a whole new way.

Please see slide 24 in the This Season On Zwift deck.

About Zwift

Zwift is the fitness company born from gaming. We’re dedicated fitness enthusiasts, experienced video game developers, and disruptive thinkers. Play is in our DNA and we know fun fuels results.

Zwift utilizes massively multiplayer online gaming technology to create rich, 3D worlds ripe for exploration. Join thousands of cyclists and runners in immersive playgrounds like London, New York, and Paris as well as our very own Watopia.

Our app connects wirelessly to exercise equipment: bike trainers, treadmills, and more, so your real world effort powers your avatar in the game.

From friendly races to social rides and structured training programs, Zwift unites a diverse community in pursuit of a more fun, immersive and social fitness experience.

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