Zwift Release 1.51 & Upcoming Events

With us beginning a release/patch cadence of every two weeks, here is what you can expect in the upcoming release and what events are on the horizon. The release is expected to go live Wednesday, October 25th at approximately 15:00 UTC. This release will be a rolling release, meaning we will scale up the percentage of people with the release over a few days to minimize bugs or crashes. Below you will find the updates included in this release.




- 19 kilometers of new roads in Watopia will give Zwifters eight new routes to explore. The new roads bring cyclists from Fuego Flats to the Mayan Jungle, bypassing the Epic KOM. Along the Southern Coast, cyclists will find new environments and settlements that have been previously inaccessible via bike. More information here

- The Get Started Tutorial is now available to all Zwifters! On the Zwift homescreen, click on your profile image in the top-right to open the profile menu. Then click on the “Tutorial” link. This new tutorial experience will help new Zwifters find their favorite ways to ride, and anyone can complete all of the tasks to unlock a new kit!

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- A new workout details screen provides a cleaner, easier to navigate experience.

- Reduced gravel rolling resistance proportionally across road, gravel, and mountain bike wheelsets.

- Enabled Zwift to allow pairing with Zwift Play simultaneously with other steering devices so that Zwifters can use Play to navigate Zwift and interact with other riders, while utilizing other devices for steering. 

- Fixed an issue where elevation markers on Climb Portal routes were truncated.

- Fixed an issue that would prevent Leaderboard HoloReplays from spawning if the Segment HoloReplay option was set to off.

- Fixed the ordering of workouts in the final week of the Crit Crusher training plan.

- Fixed crashes that could potentially occur when saving Video Screenshots.

- Improved navigation of the post-ride survey when using Zwift Play controllers.

- Fixed the description of the Tour of Watopia Fall 2023 Run Shoes in the Garage.

- “10 - 12 week FTP Builder” workout collection returns to the Training menu.

- Improved game stability.


Minor reduction in installer and game update file size.

iOS, tvOS

Fixed a crash that could occur when subscribing to Zwift after completing the free trial.


Check out the details for events that are coming up in the next month. All events are available to be covered in marketing promotions beginning the date of registration or first in-market date.

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Climb Portal

Details: We have the new schedule available for October. You will continue to find the climbs that will be available for two week in the image below. We will now have one portal with a 'Climb of the Month' and one portal with a rotating number of climbs to choose from.

Climb Portal Free Ride Schedule:

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Tour of Watopia

Dates: October 2 - November 12

Details: The Tour of Watopia is back! Charge towards your next level during the five on-demand stages. Double XP galore, tons of swag to unlock, and endless fitness gains. Check off stages by knocking out a ride on-demand or joining a Tour of Watopia, ZRacing, or club event to get double XP on your schedule.


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Monthly Mission

Theme: Wander Watopia

Mission Type: Complete any 3 unique Watopia routes to earn the badge

Registration Launch: September 25 @ 8AM PT | 4PM BST

Campaign Launch: October 2 @ 8AM PT | 4PM BST

Registration End: November 4 @ 4:59pm PT | November 5 @ 12:59AM BST

Campaign End: November 5 @ 4:59pm PT | November 6 @ 12:59AM BST

About Zwift

Zwift is the fitness company born from gaming. We’re dedicated fitness enthusiasts, experienced video game developers, and disruptive thinkers. Play is in our DNA and we know fun fuels results.

Zwift utilizes massively multiplayer online gaming technology to create rich, 3D worlds ripe for exploration. Join thousands of cyclists and runners in immersive playgrounds like London, New York, and Paris as well as our very own Watopia.

Our app connects wirelessly to exercise equipment: bike trainers, treadmills, and more, so your real world effort powers your avatar in the game.

From friendly races to social rides and structured training programs, Zwift unites a diverse community in pursuit of a more fun, immersive and social fitness experience.

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