Watopia's Southern Coast Trailer


Explore Never-Before-Seen Zwift Environments on the 19-Kilometer Coastal Causeway!

Starting today, cyclists can enjoy 19 kilometers of fresh tarmac in Watopia, the world’s largest cycling playground.

Like a new road into a previously hard-to-reach part of a national park, the new coastal causeway will enable cyclists to enjoy natural and cultural wonders of Watopia that have been completely unreachable by bike until now. The Southern Coast contains some of the most lush and diverse parts of Watopia, and offers some of the most stunning views on the whole island. The new road will take cyclists to never-before-seen locales and settlements that are excited to welcome cyclists, share their unique character, and are sure to become a favorite destination for all kinds of riders.

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On the Southern Coast, cyclists will discover five distinct environments. The new roads also connect with existing Watopian roads, giving you more places to ride on the virtual island. The new coastal route links Fuego Flats with the Mayan Jungle. The distance between those two parts of the island, as well as links with other favorite roads like the Epic KOM, has enabled Watopia’s engineers to construct some of the longest routes available in all of Zwift’s worlds. 

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Cyclists will access one end of the Southern Coast road from the Fuego Flats. Riding southwest, cyclists will first see the maritime fishing village of Googie Springs – stop off at Cranky’s Crab Shack! From there, cyclists will ride through the Evergreen Coast, a dense forest abutting a rocky coast that’s foreboding to mariners, but welcomes cyclists with inviting roadside attractions and reclusive-yet-friendly wildlife. Further along the road, you’ll find the remote settlement of Ciudad La Cumbre, a colorful community built at the foot of the Epic KOM and accessible only via tunnels on both sides. Further down the road, cyclists will reach the settlement of Sandy Coast, a vibrant Mayan community that rises from the steamy jungles of Watopia. Take in a view of the Epic KOM from Ciudad’s central plaza. Finally, cyclists will reach the Mayan Passage, which links the Southern Coast to the Mayan Jungle at the new road’s southwestern end. 

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The new road closely hugs Watopia’s coast and is relatively flat. There are four new sprint segments: Stoneway Spring, Acropolis Sprint, Sasquatch Spring, and Woodland Sprint. The new roads have allowed Zwift engineers to design eight new routes – some of Zwift’s longest! – that use a mix of new and existing roads: Coast Crusher (34 kilometers and 172 meters of ascent), The Big Ring (48 kilometers and 268 meters of ascent), Accelerate to Elevate (41 kilometers and 1,152 meters of ascent finishing atop the Alpe du Zwift), Shorelines and Summits (46 kilometers and 776 meters of climbing including the Epic KOM), Sugar Cookie (33 kilometers and 250 meters of climbing), Going Coastal (16 kilometers and 63 meters of climbing), Temple Trek (6 kilometers and 25 meters of climbing), and Canopies and Coastlines (22 kilometers and 124 meters of climbing). Complete information on the routes is available here.

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The new Southern Coast expansion is part of the 1.51 game release which begins rolling out to Zwifters starting today, with all having access by Friday. In addition to the expansion, Watopia also receives a refresh with this release, so keep your eyes peeled for a few hidden Easter Eggs!

All Zwifters can check out the new roads as soon as their game is updated to version 1.51, and during the fifth stage of the Tour of Watopia, which begins on Oct. 30. Upon conclusion of the Tour of Watopia, Zwifters will need to be at level 10 or higher to enjoy the coastal causeway and new routes. In the future, Watopia’s construction planners expect to use the new causeway as a backbone for additional new roads, giving Zwifters access to other remote parts of Watopia that are not currently developed for cycling.   

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