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Illi Gardner wins the Zwift Games Climb Championship whilst Kathrin Fuhrer takes the Wahoo Overall Classification.

In a blaze of glory, Illi Gardner claimed victory in the heart-pounding Zwift Games Climb Championship! Meanwhile, the indomitable Kathrin Fuhrer soared to triumph, seizing the coveted Wahoo Overall Classification title with breathtaking finesse.

How it unfolded

Amidst electrifying anticipation, the esports elite geared up, ready to unleash their full might in a spectacle of raw determination and it didn’t disappoint!

The jungle provided a fast but nerve settling introduction as the challenge of Alpe du Zwift loomed large. With spirits soaring, Illi Gardner ignited the ascent with a blistering 6w/kg surge, shattering the peloton. Yet, amidst the chaos, contenders like Gabriela Guerra and Lou Bates positioned themselves strategically – eyes locked on the Championship prize.

With every hairpin, the intensity soared! Emma Belforth once again unleashed her formidable power, setting the stage for a nail-biting finale. The top contenders clashed, their determination palpable as they battled the unforgiving slopes, each pedal stroke bringing them closer to glory or defeat.

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In a display of sheer dominance, Gardner forged ahead, leaving her rivals gasping in her wake. Meanwhile, fearless Fuhrer executed her strategy flawlessly, steadily climbing the ranks and gaining ground on Guerra. Kristen Kulchinsky played a vital role, sacrificing her own chance at the podium to support Fuhrer's ascent.

Gardner's victory was undeniable, a testament to her unyielding spirit, power and unwavering dedication as she took $7,000 and the gold Concept Z1 bike in game. But it was Fuhrer who emerged as the ultimate Champion, a strategic genius whose calculated moves secured her $10,000, the Gold Wahoo KICKR Bike and the crown in a dazzling display of skill and determination.

As the landscape faded into the ether, one thing remained clear: in the realm of esports, the Zwift Games and its competitors took things to a whole new level – Chapeau!

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Zwift Games - Women's Climb Championship and Overall Finale

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