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Neal Fryett wins the Men's Epic Championship at the Zwift Games

The Men's Epic Championship at the Zwift Games lived up to its name, featuring the world's elite Zwifters battling fiercely on an arduous 81.5km course. Attacks came relentlessly as racers chased the two $1000 Primes over Titans Grove and Titans Grove Reverse, all while regrouping for a fiercely contested finale. The ultimate prize awaited the winner: $7,000 and a coveted Gold Concept Z1 bike.

How it unfolded

The race ignited with ferocity as riders surged from the starting line, the peloton immediately propelled to speeds exceeding 50km/h on the flat terrain. Thomas Perren made an early push, quickly countered by the pack's swift response, setting the tone for a thrilling contest. Sébastien Havot surged ahead, joined by Riccardo Panizza in a bid for the initial $1000 Prime. With relentless determination, they built an 11-second lead, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown. Havot's explosive sprint at 14w/kg secured the first Prime over Titans Grove, igniting the race's fiery tempo.

As the peloton pushed hard, strategies unfolded amidst the chaos. Draft power-ups were deployed as the pack splintered, with 84 riders forming a formidable lead group. Amidst the frenetic pace, Michał Kamiński, the current GC leader, maintained a watchful eye from the safety of the pack. Throughout the race, aggression became the norm, with breakaways attempting to fracture the peloton's unity. Each attack was swiftly countered, ensuring a relentless pursuit. Even on the challenging dirt section, where the pace momentarily dipped, the determination remained unyielding which could be seen on riders cameras.

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At pivotal moments, riders like Erik Levinsohn and Mickael Plantureux showcased their Zwift prowess, briefly distancing themselves from the pack. However, the pace set by Kamiński ensured no advantage lasted long. The second Prime saw a flurry of attacks, with Jasper Paridaens emerging victorious with a staggering 14.7w/kg effort.

With the lead group whittled down to 35 riders, the race's intensity only surged. Johan Norén's late solo effort hinted at victory, yet Teugels and Fryett remained relentless in their pursuit. As the finish line neared, Teugels unleashed a furious sprint, only to be overtaken by Fryett's explosive acceleration. Dropping his feather power-up with 300 meters to go, Fryett's 11w/kg effort left Teugels trailing behind, epitomizing Zwift mastery.

In a breathtaking display of skill and determination, Fryett claimed a sensational victory. The Zwift Games Men’s Epic Championship delivered exhilarating racing, showcasing the unparalleled talent and relentless drive of its participants.

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Zwift Games - Men's Epic Championship

Next up is the Women’s Epic Championship. Watch Live March 10th from 6pm GMT here

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