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Company outlines plans for its second year of internal education programs, social impact initiatives and celebratory rides.

Zwift, the online global fitness platform, is today celebrating the announcement of the second year of the Black Celebration Series that will run throughout 2022. Originally launched in 2021, the year-long series begins in February to celebrate Black History Month in the U.S. and Canada.

“We take a three-pronged approach to celebrating Black History Month through our Black Celebration Series.” Explains Lisa Bourne, Senior Director, Diversity, Inclusion & Social Impact at Zwift. “First, we're celebrating internally, by educating our employees around racial justice and issues surrounding race in sport. To put this education and advocacy into practice, we're also seeking to cultivate community and take action through our newly-formed Employee Resource Group, Mozaic, celebrating BIPOC employees and their allies.  Secondly, we are celebrating in-game with our series of in-game events, workouts and podcasts, featuring prominent Black athletes and personas of influence.”

Beginning in February, the in-game series will offer an opportunity for the Zwift community to celebrate the Black cycling and running communities through weekly in-game events, workouts, and podcasts featuring prominent Black athletes and influencers like Rahsaan Bahati, David Lipscomb, and Maize Wimbush.

Lisa Bourne added, “The third pillar of our celebration is grounded in advocacy, through our renewed social impact programs and charitable partnerships.”

In addition to the events on the platform, Zwift will continue to sponsor the LA Bicycle Academy (LABA), the California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ) and Sporting Equals - three non-profit organisations committed to driving positive change.

LABA is a Black-founded nonprofit organization with a mission to empower, educate and develop the entrepreneurial and leadership skills in youth between the ages of 8-18 through its youth cycling team and bicycle education program. CCEJ’s mission is to eliminate bias, bigotry and racism through providing anti-bias education and training programs, youth leadership and restorative justice youth diversion. Sporting Equals empowers organizations, individuals and communities to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. By implementing change within sport, their mission is to elevate and enhance the opportunities available to the ethnically diverse communities throughout the UK. Read more about the organisations, and how Zwift is working with them here.

To sign up for events, or to learn more about the Black Celebration Series, head over to www.zwift.com/black-celebration-series

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About Zwift

Zwift is the fitness company born from gaming. We’re dedicated fitness enthusiasts, experienced video game developers, and disruptive thinkers. Play is in our DNA and we know fun fuels results.

Zwift utilizes massively multiplayer online gaming technology to create rich, 3D worlds ripe for exploration. Join thousands of cyclists and runners in immersive playgrounds like London, New York, and Paris as well as our very own Watopia.

Our app connects wirelessly to exercise equipment: bike trainers, treadmills, and more, so your real world effort powers your avatar in the game.

From friendly races to social rides and structured training programs, Zwift unites a diverse community in pursuit of a more fun, immersive and social fitness experience.

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