The first Virtual Tour de France starts this weekend on Zwift

A historic moment in the virtual cycling world will unfold this weekend as we see teams gear up for the first ever Virtual Tour de France. Both the men’s and women’s pelotons will be lining up tomorrow for the first of six stages that will be held over the next three consecutive weekends. 

The women’s peloton will field 16 of the top teams with the men’s made up of 23. A maximum of 4 riders are allowed to enter per team per stage. Of the 6 races taking place, men’s teams can select a male rider to compete in a maximum of 3 races and the women’s team can select a female rider to compete in a maximum of 4 races. 

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Jerseys will be awarded for GC, K/QOM, Sprint and Young Rider, with the team leading the team classification having yellow markers on their virtual jerseys. 

Here is what the Zwift world has in store for each peloton over this weekend's two stages.

Stage One: Watopia’s Hilly Route (Reverse)

Date: Saturday 4th July 


Women’s 15:00 CET // 06:00 PDT // 23:00 AUS

Men’s       16:05 CET // 07:05 PDT // 00:05 AUS

Watopia has seen a makeover for the Grand Depart of the first Virtual tour de France. Stage 1 will see racers take on the The Hilly Route (Reverse). Starting on Watopia’s, riders will then head towards a short, punchy section called “The Esses.” After the last hill, it’s sprint time across the JWB Bridge! A short section of cobbles at the Italian Villas is followed by the 1.6 mile (2.5 km) Reverse KOM with a 1.8% average gradient. And the KOM descent is fun and fast: 0.6 miles (1 km) with a supertuck friendly -5.5% average grade. The lap ends with a 300m flat sprint, which is typically a bunch sprint. 

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Start Lists

Stage 1 Women

Stage 1 Men

Course profile 

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Stage Two: Watopia’s Mountain Route 

Date: Sunday 5th July 


Women’s 15:02 CET // 06:02 PDT // 23:02 AUS

Men’s       16:07 CET // 07:07 PDT // 00:07 AUS

Zwifters start at sea level, breathing that salty oxygenated air before going into the sea via the Ocean Tunnel. After exiting, the climb begins. During the next 5.8 miles (9.4 km) over a 3.9% grade, Zwifters have plenty of time to get intimate with their relationship to lactic acid. And the final push, AKA the Radio Tower Climb, is brutal. Just .7 miles (1.1 km) at soul-crushing 13.7% grade. Even the genetically gifted fit folk take almost four minutes to make this ascent. And the very lucky have a Featherweight PowerUp. After a quick descent, there’s a short, false flat followed by a 350m flat and fast sprint.

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Stage 2 Women

Stage 2 Men

Course profile

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Race images

Images will be available during both races, both days and will be uploaded in real time during and after the race. For images click here

Post Race Interviews

To register interest for post-race interviews via Zoom, please contact Hannah Troop

Where to watch

A full list of broadcasters for the Virtual Tour de France can be found here

Jerseys and Challenges

Rules for all Virtual Tour de France race classifications can be found below:

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