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Watch the men return as Jonathan Levie of KISS Racing Team defends his yellow jersey through the dirt of the jungle circuit

The penultimate race of the Tour of Watopia is being held on Friday 20 March at 7.00pm GMT with the men heading to the jungle circuit. This is the first major event on the Jungle Circuit since rolling resistance was introduced which makes bike choice fundamental for the riders as they head to the dirt. 

The teams include the NTT Continental Cycling Team, Canyon ZCC, Team [DRAFT] and KISS Racing Team. Both Men’s and Women’s races will be held with a full broadcast production hosted by Esports presenter and Zwifter, OJ Borg alongside special guest presenters. 

Tour of Watopia is the first Tour for Zwift with a series leader, who rides in the yellow jersey. The series leader is determined by who has the most combined points from all the races. Current series leader, Levie will have all the riders watching his every move as he looks to keep his points lead or will Ryan Larson of Indoor Specialist be able to catch his lead? 

Previous Zwift Academy winner, Ollie Jones, will be representing Canyon ZCC, the first professional esports team. He is in strong form having finished fifth in this year’s New Zealand National Championships. Zwift Academy finalist Alex West also represents the Canyon ZCC team and will be racing alongside Jones. Canyon ZCC are always a team to watch with Mary Wilkinson, storming away with the points and yellow jersey, with a 24 point lead in the women’s series. 

Watch the race here and get recaps of the previous races here.

Want more racing? Also on Friday, the World Tour team, Mitchelton-Scott, will be combining their men’s and women’s squads for an exhibition mixed-team race through Crit City. Watch it tomorrow at 9.00am GMT here.

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